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National Healthcare Decisions Day hosts a TweetChat on the 16th of every month from 10-11am PST. Please consider joining in with some thoughts at www.tweetchat.com/room/NHDD to help raise awareness about the importance of advance directives.

We are so appreciative of the many people and organizations dedicated to increasing public understanding of advance care planning. 

March 16th, 2012

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February 2012

  • Chat Host: Thaddeus Pope @thaddeuspope, Director of the Health Law Institute, Associate Professor of Law at Hamline University School of Law and also an Adjunct Associate Professor at Albany Medical College. 
  • Chat Theme:Topics based off findings in new California Healthcare Foundation report released this week http://t.co/fiSmS1ne
  • Topic 1: Over 50% say loved one's End-of-Life wishes not followed. Advance care planning is necessary but NOT sufficient. What are obstacles to honoring Advance Directives? 
  • Topic 2: 56% did not discussed EOL wishes, Main reason: “too many other things to worry about.” How do we overcome this? 
  • Topic 3: Most say most important factor at end-of-life is “making sure family not burdened financially” Should we talk about COSTS more?

February 2012 #NHDD Transcript

February 2012 #NHDD Analytics

January 2012

  • Topic 2: Should Doctors Have Incentives to Talk With Patients About End-of-Life Care? http://t.co/ZmjcvdJa (A hot topic in Jan 2011)

January 2012 #NHDD Transcript

January 2012 #NHDD Analytics

 December 2011

  • Topic 1: What inspired you to get involved in advance care planning in the first place?
  • Topic 2: What are the best strategies you've seen for getting people to have the talk?
  • Topic 3: Have you started to make plans for #NHDD in April? What have you done in years past &/or what are you planning for 4.16.2012?

November 2011

  • Topic 1: What are some roadblocks & challenges you have witnessed or experienced with advance care planning? via @EngageWithGrace 
  • Topic 2: What are some pointers/tips for a successful advance directive conversation with family? via @EngageWithGrace 
  • Pre-Topic 3: "Unmentionables" @adrane has spoken about this year http://t.co/z3NalL2L Big impact on health, little discussion around it 
  • Topic 3 How do we give individuals the tools & confidence to walk others & family members through advance directives via @EngageWithGrace

October 2011

  • Topic 1 What are ways we can help advance directives be seen as a part of quality healthcare & not a geriatric issue? 
  • Topic 2 Do you come across healthcare professionals who don't see the importance of advance directives? How do you approach them? 
  • T3 What are some ideas/ways we can help this #NHDD chat grow to increase awareness about the importance of advance care planning?

September 2011

  • Topic 1: Why are advance directives important to you? 
  • Topic 2: What are ways individuals (<--key word) can advocate for increasing informed medical decision making with advance care planning? 
  • Topic 3: As participants in the first NHDD Tweetchat, what things/ideas/goals would you like to see from this community?