April 16th, 2015




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    NHDD Concept

    Prepared by Nathan Kottkamp


    National Healthcare Decisions Day will be a 50-state annual initiative to provide clear, concise, and consistent information on healthcare decision-making to both the public and providers/facilities through the widespread availability and dissemination of simple, free, and uniform tools (not just forms) to guide the process. The day will highlight 50 independent, but coordinated, state events (necessitated by the difference in state laws and dynamics) supported by a national media and public education campaign. In all respects, the event is intended to be inclusive and should bring a variety of players in the larger healthcare/legal/religious community together to work on a common project, to the benefit of patients, families, and providers. To foster growth and improvement in subsequent years, the (initial) design should not be prescriptive; it should, instead, allow for and foster creativity. This will enable best practices to be identified and refined, likely with the aide of a post-event National Conference.


    Public Education

    National Healthcare Decisions Day Concept Paper (doc)


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