April 16th, 2015




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    NHDD In The News

    For resoureces on reaching out to the media to amplify NHDD advocacy, please click here.


    USAToday (Kevin Pho - April 2011)

    CNN (Kristi Guillory - April 2011)

    LIVESTRONG (April 2011)

    Huffington Post (Janice Van Dyke - April 2011)

    Atlanta Journal Constitution (John Bishop -April 2011)

    Portland Press Herald (Elizabeth Hart - April 2011)

    Kennebec Journal (Dr. Elizabeth Balsam Hart - April 2011)

    Healthy Women (Sheryl Kraft -April 2011)

    Health Commentary (Dr. Mike Magee - April 2011)

    Shreveport Times (Dr. Mike Flemming & Nathan Kottkamp - April 2011)

    Richmond Times Dispatch (Dr. Johnny C.L. Wong - April 2011)

    Wall Street Journal (Laura Landro -March 2011)

    The New York Times (Pauline Chen, MD - April 2010)

    Concord Monitor (Ira Byock, MD - April 2010)

    Chesterfield Observer (Joan Tupponce - April 2010)

    The Southern (April 2010)

    Kansas City (April 2010)

    St. Joe News (April 2010)

    The Gainesville Sun (April 2010)

    Livestrong (July 2009)


    Health Talk

    Clinician's Roundtable Interview of Nathan Kottkamp (NHDD Chair) , ReachMD, XM157, hosted by Susan Dolan, RN, JD 


    Fox4KC (Kansas City) (April 2011)

    My Fox Atlanta (April 2011)

    My Fox Twin Cities (April 2010)

    Inside E Street: End of Life (October 2010)


    American Health Lawyers Associations

    Respecting Choices

    Health Dialog

    Compassion and Choices

    Compassion and Support

    New Jersey Hospice and Palliative Care Organization



    Op-Ed from the American Bar Association- Health Care Advance Planning: The Discussion That Can't Wait

    Press Release

    National Survey Indicates People More Likely to Talk About Drug Use and Sex Than End-of-life Planning (4/7/08)

    Executive Notes of Peter M. Leibold, Executive Vice President/CEO, American Health Lawyers Association, Health Lawyers News, November 2007

    Advance Directives Day: A Story of Success, A Call to Action, and a How-To Manual, by Nathan A. Kottkamp, The Health Lawyer, October 2006

    LITERATURE REVIEW ON ADVANCE DIRECTIVES (June 2007). This report examines the empirical evidence about the degree to which advance directives and advance care planning have met their intended goals. The authors explore what the medical literature reports concerning the use of advance directives and advance care planning, disparities among groups in their use, and interventions to enhance the use and value of advance directives and advance care planning. [87 PDF pages] 

    • Full PDF Report