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If you have not participated in NHDD before, please pledge to participate below!

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What does it mean to participate?

Anyone that hosts a NHDD community education event, large or small can be an official participant of National Healthcare Decisions Day/Week.

If you have not done so in previous years, please fill out the pledge form to confirm your participation. We want to have an idea of how many people will be joining our movement.

Filling out the pledge form does not automatically sign you up for updates. Please also sign up for our newsletter and you'll hear from us about once a month, up until NHDD actually happens in April 2017. 

What does it mean to become a NHDD state liaison?

This means you are going to go above and beyond! Liaisons are resource leaders in their states and are expected to participate in NHDD at a higher level. We want you to take the lead on organizing others in your state or region around National Healthcare Decisions Day/Week. You would help individuals plan activities and coordinate with other liaisons across the country to share ideas and collaborate. 

If you decide to be a liaison, fill out the form on the left if you haven't already, and when you click "Sign up for our newsletter," make sure you opt into the NHDD Liaisons list. We'll be in touch with more frequent updates and other information about organizing your region.