April 16th, 2015




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    Public Education

    The public education campaign (including Spanish and other materials for deaf, blind, and others) will be focused on a relatively simple resource that explains and demystifies healthcare decision-making as well as written advance directives. It will clarify terms, address misperceptions, and convey a sense of importance and urgency. The public will also be provided with specific analytical tools for examining values and wishes relevant to healthcare and advance directives. For facilities, providers, and lawyers, the focus will be on how the use of advance directives may support their work with their patients/clients. Prior to the public education effort, there will be a large scale continuing education event or series of events (likely a webinar) to educate the myriad professionals touched by the effort. To enable all the above, the major national associations in the healthcare, legal, and religious communities will each work to facilitate a cascade of information. Communications will be prepared for each organization to send to its state chapters/sub-organizations. Each state organization will then provide the information (with appropriate local customization) to its members. All of the information will be ready-made, thus enabling the rollout the information with minimal effort. This information cascade ought to reduce administrative/overhead costs because the lower tier organizations can either make these distributions electronically and/or include them in publications they would otherwise be making.

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