April 16th, 2015




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    Demystify healthcare decision-making and make the topic of healthcare decision-making inescapable. On Healthcare Decisions Day, no one in the U.S. will be able to open a paper, watch TV, view the internet, see a physician or lawyer, or go to a healthcare facility without being confronted with the topic. The event will help people understand that advance healthcare decision making includes much more than living wills; the process should focus first on conversation and choosing an agent.

    Across the country, every single hospital, nursing home, and assisted living facility that is required to provide public education on advance directives as a result of Conditions of Participation with CMS and/or the Patient Self-Determination Act will participate as the flagship venues for the public to obtain the Education and Empowerment mentioned above. Other participating organizations/facilities that have their own physical spaces will engage in activities concurrent with the flagship venues. Those organizations that lack physical spaces will work in conjunction with others or at non-healthcare venues (libraries, grocery stores, etc.) to support the initiative. A variety of churches, synagogues, and mosques around the country will also support the effort by highlighting the importance of the issue with their congregations.

    Public Education

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