Lots of brands and organizations may ask you to 'like' them on Facebook.  It really is a sign of the times. In fact we are asking you to do the same thing.  But our aim may be somewhat different.  We are not in it for the numbers, we are doing this for the engagement.  A superficial click to like can make executives happy when they show more followers and more fans, but what really counts is what you do after the click.

Don't get us wrong, we do want your click, but we will ask a little more from you.  After you click 'like' make sure you stick around a while, leave a comment, send us a tip about advance care planning in the news, share what you read here with your friends.  Get people excited about what you really like.  Then your click on the 'like' button becomes much more valuable.

We promise to populate the different platforms with different information.  It won't just all be copycat, automatically forwarded messaging.  Stay tuned on which ever platform you like best as we will be sending tips in the next several weeks about how best to engage people.