Tonight the hospice and palliative care online community will be dedicating their weekly #hpm Tweetchat to discussing advance care planning with the #HaveTheTalk hashtag as a way to support the NHDD initiative. 

But lets take a step back and start off with some basics... so this # symbol, what is this about? 

For people not on Twitter, we’ll start by explaining a hashtag which basically is a way on Twitter to organize Tweets (short messages on Twitter) around a topic. Placing the # symbol in front of a word or key phrase creates a hashtag that then connects and organizes anyone in the world’s messages (or tweets) that also include that hashtag. This is how communities gather on Twitter around topics. Twitter recently celebrated their fifth birthday with the video below titled "Follow Your Interests. Discover Your World."


Ok so what’s up with #HaveTheTalk? This is the hashtag used by the National Healthcare Decisions Day community on Twitter to share resources and thoughts on advance care planning. 

If you're on Twitter, we'd love for you to join the community and use the #HaveTheTalk hashtag to share and discover advance care planning resources and to celebrate NHDD 2011.

Check out what happened with #HaveTheTalk for NHDD 2010 with a transcript below of the Twitter community that advocated for increased awareness about informed medical decisions through advance care planning.