Last week, The New Old Age, a health blog out of the New York Times, wrote about a Holiday Reality Check

Some organizations urge families to use these holiday gatherings to raise the issue of advance directives, giving parents a chance to express their preferences for future care decisions before a real crisis hits. It’s a fine idea to initiate these conversations in person, when older relatives can hear and see their children and when siblings may also be on the scene.

The idea of using the holidays to talk about advance directives and other advance care planning issues is great and supported by several organizations as we highlighted in Occupy with Grace
"The Holiday Reality Check" reminds us of several things:
  • The holidays are a great time to "have the talk" with loved ones about advance care planning
  • The conversation should be on-going. 
  • Improved communication reduces health care surprises--and health care crises. 
Indeed, if the holidays still don't seem like the right time, mark your calendar for NHDD on April 16th.  The bottom line is this is such an important conversation to have.
It's critical that it not be left to linger and we wanted highlight our appreciation to The New Old Age Blog and journalist Paula Span for helping raise awarenss for making time to discuss healthcare wishes. 



This post is a contribution from National Healthcare Decisions Day Chair, Nathan Kottkamp.


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