Since September 2011, National Healthcare Decisions Day has hosted a live monthly discussion to raise awareness about the importance of advance care planning on Twitter with the hashtag #NHDD. Friday, March 16th at 10am PST will be the last #NHDD TweetChat before National Healthcare Decisions Day 2012 on April 16th and we hope you’ll consider joining the conversation. To view the transcripts and analytics from #NHDD TweetChats since September, please visit the #NHDD TweetChat archive.

What is a TweetChat?

A TweetChat is a planned discussion on Twitter. There is a set time and place people gather to discuss a topic or set of issues. Usually there is a moderator that guides the discussion and plans topics for the group to chat about.

Click here to join the TweetChat.

Why participate? 

  • Every tweet helps increase the chance that someone will learn more about advance care planning
  • NHDD participants are passionate about raising awareness about the importance of advance care planning, the TweetChat is a great way to meet others who share your passion
  • For all the people in our country and around the world that have not yet taken time to document and discuss their healthcare wishes if at some point in their care, they were unable to make decisions for themselves. The taboo of discussing these wishes becomes lessened every time we talk about it (especially if we’re having conversations on a pubic platform)!



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