We just one month away from NHDD 2014! As the big day draws near, the media coverage around advance care planning (ACP) and advance care directives is increasing daily. Over the past month, we’ve seen a considerable surge in interesting and relevant articles in local and national outlets including national public radio (NPR) and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). These pieces have been raising interesting (and, in some cases controversial) discussions about everything from La Crosse, Wis.—“A Town Where Everybody Talks About Death” –to  how advance care planning can cut medical costs and the fact that caregivers and potential caregivers need to plan ahead.


Here’s a quick look at the news coverage around ACP over the past month:

About the practice of ACP, related advances and laws:

SD law sets high burden to end life

Richmond lawyer explains less than 20 percent of nation has living will

Oklahoma Passes Protective Law to Lessen the Growing Problem of Denial of Treatment Against the Wishes of the Patient

W.Va. online registry allows users to file end-of-life wishes

Capitol Notes: House OKs end-of-life bill

Canberra asked to face end of life options

Pilot scheme bid to help improve end of life care

How La Crosse, Wisconsin Slashed End-of-Life Medical Expenditures

Emergency responders, disability advocates back end-of-life care ...

Discussions that people don't want to have

Guidelines will help end-of-life oversight

About personal ACP:

The Town Where Everyone Talks About Death

Touched by Love: Potential caregivers need to plan ahead

Ness: Simple document helps us take charge of our deaths

COMMENTARY: Early conversation eases end-of-life challenges

Maria Runde: We deserve to die with dignity

Senior News: Decide who will make your medical decisions

Don't wait, complete a medical directive


About controversial ACP cases, opinions and decisions:

How Washington Can Improve End-of-Life Care

A son's plea to Denis Napthine: This is no way for my mother to live

Prisoners of care homes: Devastating report reveals tens of thousands of elderly and vulnerable people locked up against their will

How to Improve End-of-Life Care

Palliative chemo patients' end-of-life wishes overlooked

The challenge of addressing end-of-life care under the current health care model 

Meddling relatives harm end-of-life care