A huge part of motivating every day people like you, me and most National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) advocates across the country to make informed medical decisions is helping us feel empowered to do so. On this blog and through the NHDD presence on Facebook and Twitter, we try to do just that by sharing advocate stories, quality advance care planning information and resources. Well, I recently ran across a new book by long-time health care consultant and the blogger behind Patient Safety Blog, President and CEO of PatientAdvoCare Ken Farbstein.

Farbstein's book, Getting Your Best Health Care: Real-World Stories for Patient Empowerment, highlights the importance of patient-centered models of health care and related best practices by featuring stories from both national leaders and every day people. It is being touted by some in the health care community as an excellent read and reference guide. In the following video, Farbstein talks about what led him to write this book.

I am moved by the sentiment of Farbstein's book and recognize the power it can have to advance patient-centered care and the subsequent benefits of that, i.e. increased informed medical decision making, empowered patients and quality public health education.

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