With eight months until the fifth annual National Healthcare Decisions Day on April 16th, 2012, NHDD is announcing the launch of a new TweetChat dedicated to connecting advance care planning advocates across the country. For the past two years NHDD advocates have used the hashtag #HaveTheTalk to encourage advance directive discussions. This year we will be using #NHDD as the official hashtag to share advance directive resources instead of #HaveTheTalk mostly because we want to avoid any confusion with the other kinds of "talks" happening for public health.

The first NHDD TweetChat will be held on September 16th, 2011 at 10am Pacific Standard Time. Below is a short presentation on how and why to participate in a NHDD TweetChat. (If you've never participated on Twitter there's an entire month to practice! Resources for Twitter newbies can be found here. 


Growth of NHDD Visibility

Below are some fascinating numbers about the growth of participation and visibility of NHDD on Twitter.

2010 NHDD Twitter Impressions Report

  • 46 contributors generated 90, 397 impressions for NHDD on Twitter
  • 23, 705 people were reached from from just 109 tweets

2011 NHDD Twitter Impressions Report

  • 818 contributors generated 1, 238,827 impressions for NHDD on Twitter
  • 565, 448 people were reached from from just 1,387 tweets in just one week

Aren't these numbers exciting?! We are so appreciative of the many people and organizations dedicated to increasing public understanding of advance care planning and are absolutely looking forward to 2012.