It's been exactly one month and two days since National Healthcare Decisions Day 2011!

I wanted to take some time out to say thank you for all you did to make NHDD 2011 bigger and better than ever. Our participation numbers took a nice step up, but it was our activity level that saw a huge jump.
Here's what we know so far in terms of overall reach:
  • Over 1,262,446 medical staff members, employees, or organization members received either specific education on advance directives or received some sort of reminder about National Healthcare Decisions Day.
  • Over 416,277 people attended public NHDD events.
  • Over 3,504 advance directive documents were known to be executed--and that is with the vast majority of events expressly not focused on completing documents on the spot.
  • The social media effort was entirely new for 2011 and what a great first year for that!-- our preliminary data shows that over 2 million people were exposed to NHDD via various social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  
And, NHDD was mentioned in news stories across the country, including national, state, and local media of all sorts--TV, newspaper, blog, web, and radio. The stats for NHDD this year show that the impact of our efforts matched and--in some cases--far exceeded those of our first three years combined!


Once again, I thank you all for helping to make National Healthcare Decisions Day a great success this year.

Finally, I hope you will join me in making sure that our efforts are not isolated to a single day each year. Indeed, everyday is a healthcare decisions day for many families and it should be for healthcare providers and other professionals throughout the country. Please continue to use the NHDD website ( throughout the year for links to free forms and other resources for the public and professionals. And, if you have great content, ideas for improving the NHDD Blog and website, please send them to us at
Reminder: If you haven't responded to the survey to let us know about your NHDD 2011 participation, please complete it and share it with other participants you know:


Nathan Kottkamp is the Founder and Chair of National Healthcare Decisions Day.