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What a Celebration!

NHDD: Akron Children’s Hospital Style...

As told by Lisa Long, office coordinator at the Haslinger Pediatric Palliative Care Center and Akron Children’s Hospital located in Akron, Ohio

A little about our history w/ National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD)…

Last year was the first time we’d participated in NHDD; we paired our event with “Write A Will Day,” an event the hospital had been doing for a few years already. We set up a table at Write A Will Day and had the forms available and notaries scheduled to help us man the table in intervals throughout the day to witness and sign people’s forms. In Ohio, you can have either two witnesses who are not related to you or a notary. We decided to have notaries on hand. However, in the end, we really only had a few people who made a point to bring their forms over to complete. Though we were glad there was some turn out, we were a little disappointed at the lack of community interest.