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Hot Off the Presses (ACP News Round Up): From NHDD Events to Social Media and Patient Health Care

...that’s just to mention a few. Advance care planning has been ripe for media attention for a while and the press is finally taking notice. So here's what they're reporting on:

As you know, the NHDD 2011 team has taken steps to broaden the reach of the initiative and engage more people through social media with @NHDD on twitter and the NHDD Facebook page. Well, recent Dayton Business Journal article “Patients flock to Facebook for health” says we’re doing it the right way! If patients are turning to social media more and more to make their medical decisions, they are certainly running across NHDD!

However, we’re not the only ones embracing non-traditional means of spreading the word about NHDD. In “A drama of dying wishes,” the Charlotte Observer reports that Mecklenburg End-of-Life Coalition and Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region, is hosting three, free productions of during this and next month of “Vesta,” a play written about starting the advance care planning dialogue. The production has been deliberately timed to coincide with NHDD in an effort to help people “have the talk.”

Turning our attention away from the stage and back to the presses and the blogosphere, here are a few more noteworthy articles:

  • Also in the Huffington Post, Clinical Psychologist Joseph Nowinski’s post What to expect when a loved one receives a terminal diagnosis” is a great way to spark the advance care planning conversation with loved ones. After reading all that your family unit will have to endure and overcome upon receipt of a terminal diagnosis, I'd be thinking : 'why wait and add more stress by not planning in advance?'

To round out our news tidbits, our trusted resource @HospiceAction just informed us that long time advance care planning champion on Capitol Hill Rep. earl Blumenauer will be the keynote speaker at their up and coming Hill Day 2011. We'll keep our ears to the ground to find out what he's got to say about the importance of advance care planning, advance directives and NHDD.

Check back on Tuesday for more on the latest advance care planning news stories.



Global Advance Care Planning: NHDD Inspires Innovation in Canada

My fellow, proud NHDD advocates, your eyes are not deceiving you and you haven’t misread the title of this blog post so there is no need to adjust your computer screen! You read correctly and the NHDD team couldn’t be more excited that just four days before we, here in the states, gear up to celebrate the Fourth Annual National Healthcare Decisions Day, our Canadian counterparts will be hosting their very own version of NHDD—“Advance Care Planning Day.”

Below is an advance care planning video featured on their site that we obviously love since it's a great resource!

We know it’s often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but in this instance it’s far more than that. The First Annual Advance Care Planning Day (ACPD), scheduled for April 12, 2011 is monumental! Why? In communities all over the world, we are taught to plan for our education, relationships, financial futures, children’s educations and retirements. However, this new international effort to promote advance care planning signifies that it may soon become universal standard for us to also plan for our unforeseen medical emergencies and end-of-life care.

Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association (CHPCA) and ACPD Project Manager Louise Hanvey shared our hope that this is a step toward establishing advance care planning as a universal standard by first establishing it as a standard in our communities and nations— so for her, in Canada.

“Planning for the end of our lives is not easy, but we need to change our mindset about that,” Hanvey said. “Our [CHPCA and the National Advance Care Planning Task Force] main goal in launching this is captured in the initiative’s tagline—‘It’s about conversations. It’s about decisions. It’s how we care for each other.’ We’re all about connecting Canadian community organizations and leaders to the tools they need to spark the [advance care planning] conversation.”

We at NHDD would like to applaud the leaders of the Canadian National Advance Care Planning Task Force, CHPCA and all others involved in the planning of the first ACPD their nation has seen. Let’s all hope that NHDD and ACPD will serve as inspiration to advance care planning advocates worldwide and result in more similar awareness initiatives.