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Making Our Mark in the Media: Advance Care Planning News Round Up

As we work with organizations and advocates throughout the nation to promote the value of advance directives to our families, friends, colleagues –and to everyone else we come into contact with on a daily basis—the topic is attracting more and more media coverage and overall, exposure. And, that’s what we’ve all been working so hard to achieve because increased exposure equals an increased opportunity to spark the conversation about advance care planning. So from now until April 16, 2011 when our efforts to raise the profile of advance directives over the past 12 months culminate into the observance of the Fourth Annual National Healthcare Decisions Day, we’ll be posting the “Advance Care Planning News Round Up” twice a week. Here’s what we have for you today…

Just yesterday, Aurora Health Care, in partnership with Aging with Dignity, explained how they are working together to give a voice to patients who may not be able to be heard during a medical emergency by posting “Five Wishes: how has advance care planning improved?” Available for you to view below, the short video discusses how the Five Wishes advance care planning tool has made completing advance directives more patient friendly.

In the past few days, we’ve also found two NHDD mentions garnered through the media outreach work of participating organizations:

In a short, but effective letter to the editor titled “This will help you take care of your own health care destiny,” NHDD participating organization Western Maryland Health System Hospice Services highlights the importance of the initiative and having advance care planning conversations in general.

While scanning the newswire, we ran across the MedicAlert Foundation’s recent press release urging ‘All Americans to Make Their Wishes Known in Recognition of National Healthcare Decisions Day - April 16th, 2011.’

And of course you are all familiar with the two WSJ articles we highlighted last week on this very blog. See NHDD team member Christian Sinclair's "One Month Until National Healthcare Decisions Day" and "Wall Street Journal discusses POLST and Advance Care Planning" posts.

Know of other NHDD or advance care planning media mentions? Or has your organization been working hard to get the word out about NHDD? Keep us in the loop by emailing

Look for our second Advance Care Planning News Round Up on Thursday.