'Never doubt a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world because its the only thing that ever has.' Those words from the mouth of renowned cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead have never rung as true as they did today, April 16 on the Fourth Annual National Healthcare Decisions Day.

National Healthcare Decisions Day 2011 has proven a BIG success. Such an impactful national awareness initiative as this one would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of many 'committed citizens.' So we, the NHDD executive committee and team, would like to use this opportunity to extend our thanks to all who had a part in making it possible.

A special thank you to our donors (listed below) for your overwhelming generosity.









We'd also like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to Engage with Grace for your help and guidance in launching the First Annual NHDD Blog Rally.

This blog has been a big part of spurring this initiative on and helping people feel comfortable with becoming more proactive about their healthcare decisions. That is in large part due to our wonderful blog contributors:

And, to all of the social media advocates--our tweeps, Facebook 'likers' and blogger friends--who used your social media resources as a platform to take a stand and encourage people to #havethetalk, we applaud you! We encourage you to join us in continuing to use these tools to advocate for quality information online--on Twitter, on Facebook and in the blogosphere! Today was only a demonstration of a fraction of what we can achieve for heightened public awareness and engagement for advance care planning if we continue on the journey we set in motion today. If we continue to rally and leverage our online voices in concert, we will undoubtedly achieve our goal of a future where it is standard and accepted that people's healthcare be driven by their personal goals of care!

Again, THANK YOU all and let's keep this momentum going, keep the conversations going and keep striving for an NHDD Presidential proclamation in 2012!

National Healthcare Decisions Day does not end today, our work has only just begun and so we'll continue providing you up-to-the-minute advance care planning information, news and personal stories.

*Donors who provided in-kind donations in service and time.