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Blog Questions

Below is a list of potential questions for someone considering submitting a blog contribution to NHDD, but not sure what to write about. 

  • Why are advance directives important to you?
  • What was it like to do your advance directive?
  • Why and when did you decide to do your advance directive?
  • What are ways you would like to see advance care planning become a more normal part of healthcare?
  • Have you seen ways in which advance care planning is incorporated as a normal part of healthcare? How is that working? Are there things or pieces of the system you are still wishing for or hoping will be improved?
  • Was there a time advance directives were well known (or not well known) at your institution or in your community? How have things changed over time?
  • Do you know a local advance care planning advocate? Who are they? What are they doing that is making a difference in community education or healthcare systems for advance care planning?
  • What are clinical or healthcare system roadblocks to having complete conversations with patients and their families about end-of-life decisions?
  • Outline challenges with advance care planning and suggest system level changes or small/micro level changes you think could have an impact on improving care.
  • Is there a professional or personal situation where you wanted to say something or discuss something relevant to advance directives or decision making, but you didn't? What was it? What do you think stopped you?
  • Should all healthcare professionals be required to complete an advance directive?
  • Is there a best person to help people with advance directives? MD, RN, MSW, MDiv, Family?
  • What age should people complete their advance directive?
  • Clinical Education Spotlights: Do you work at or know of a clinical degree program dedicated to teaching students about advance care planning? How are they implementing the curriculum?
  • Systems Spotlight: Are you a hospital or healthcare administrator witnessing success models or challenges in implementation of advance care planning education or support to patients? Discuss the benefits, decision making process, challenges, or pieces of advice to other administrators considering implementing a program.
  • What do you hope your congressional leaders understand about advance care planning?